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Would you care for a little tea?

My youngest requested a tea set for her birthday.  She wanted to have tea parties with her friends.

I found the cutest little set made of ceramic and each piece was a different color.    She loved the colors!  Once she found out “real tea” could be served in it, she was on cloud nine.

The very next morning when The Friend arrived, we set up tea.  The Pea served Black Currant Tea with sugar and cream.

The pot held enough tea to fill about two and half cups.  I really like how the elbow is about to whack The Friend in the face.  So lady like.  lol    The Friend didn’t seem to mind and she really enjoyed Tea-Time.

The Friend

Good friends and good tea.

They were having so much fun, I decided to join them.

Good Times

Moments like this I’ll treasure always.

How to be a good wife. 2010 Ed.

Step number one:

To have extra time to prepare yourself for your husband’s return from a long day at work, give your children extra school work.  This will keep them busy.  They won’t complain, since they are homeschoolers and love to study hard.

About an hour before your wonderful hard-working husband arrives home, step into your closet and close the door.

While there say three times, “I want to be a good wife. I want to be a good wife.  I want to be a good wife”. When you have practiced this for several months, you may be able to wait until half an hour before the wonderful husband arrives home. I have gotten this step down to 10 minutes.  Once you have said the sentence three times, you can emerge from the closet a new radiant housewife.

As you can see I have my hair done, makeup on and wearing pearls. Yes, ladies, pearls are worn while doing house work. There is no other way to get the cleaning done.   I am also wearing one of my nice dresses and high-heel shoes.

Step number two:

Now that you are dressed for house work, put on your work apron. We don’t want to soil the pretty dress, do we?  Start by dusting all furniture.  A big fluffy ostrich feather duster is a nice accessory to the work apron and the high heels.

After dusting bring out the vacuum cleaner.  I always wear my highest heals while vacuuming. It seems my carpets are so much cleaner when I wear them. Notice the lovely smile on my face. I am thinking of how happy my wonderful hard-working husband will be, when he steps on this clean carpet.  Oh, the joy!

Step number three:

When your wonderful hard-working husband arrives home, go out to meet him and give him a warm welcome. Notice I have taken my work apron off. I do not want to offend my wonderful hard-working husband by wearing a dirty work apron.

Step number four:

Lead him to his favorite spot to relax. Remember he has worked very hard today.  Prop  him up with some pillows and hand him his favorite pair of casual shoes.  When he is comfortable, leave him alone for five minutes to unwind from his very hard work day. Take this time to put on your best serving apron.  A serving apron is made of a fine gauze material  and is only used while serving others.  This apron looks lovely on any dress, while protecting it from spills. We always want to look our best for our wonderful hard-working husbands.

Now is the time to  hand him his favorite beverage. I am giving my wonderful hard-working husband his favorite beverage  in a tall glass. I took the time to open the bottle myself and pour it into a tall glass  just the he way he likes it. Please notice, ladies, I am still smiling because I love my wonderful hard-working husband and I want to show him I appreciate all that he does for me.

After you have done the above steps, your husband will be relaxed.  You will be happy, no, thrilled that you have made his day.  It is not over, though.  Go to the kitchen, and exchange your serving apron for your work apron.  It is now time to finish your husband’s favorite dinner.  Have the children put all of their school work away, sit at their father’s feet, and tell him he is the worlds best father.

His day and your life are now complete.

Have a happy April.♥

The Grill Master Gets A Grease Fire

For Mother’s Day, Sir Husband purchased a whole beef tenderloin. He knew I wanted something beefy.  It makes a great Mother’s Day dinner. 🙂

I sat down at the computer to make copies of photos for parents at the co-op the next day. Sir Husband had started the grill and I assumed was grilling the beefy dinner. Dd#1 walks by and sees some smoke coming out the sides of the grill. Every time Sir Husband turns on the grill, one of the children will say, “DAD! The grill is on fire!”, but it is nothing and the Dad’s response from another room is, “Ok”.

Sure enough, Dd#1 yells, “DAD! The grill is on fire!” and the response was, “Ok!”  

I can see from the corner of my eye that Dd#1 doesn’t continue on her way to wherever she was going.  She stands and stares. I peek around her to see what she was staring at.



Well, that got his attention and he came riding on his white horse running to safe his ladies. I; however, had enough brains to get the camera. I am a smart woman like that. I have my priorities in the the right order.  Things need to be shared and the  best way to share them is with pictures.

The next thing I yell is, “DID YOU BURN MY DINNER!”   Yep, my priorities are in good shape.


Thankfully, he hadn’t put the beefy goodness on yet.  Still have those priorities in the right order.


Everyone knows you can’t put out a grease fire with water, right? Sir Husband knows that too. The best way to put out a grease fire is to smother it. This fire was contained inside the grill, the best thing we  Sir Husband could do was to leave it there. The other thing we  Sir Husband could have done was cover it with sand or kitty litter. We didn’t have enough of either.

Look at that glow!

Sir Husband being a man, likes fire. He also likes water. To keep his ladies safe, he covers the gas tank and surrounding areas with water. Ooops, some water got down into the grease pan.


Oh wait, that wasn’t a ooops. Remember, Sir Husband, being a man, likes fire and water, …and well… his wife had a camera. What more needs to be said?

At the end of the exciting Mother’s Day event, the fire died down, the smoke subsided into our home, and Sir Husband ended up with a very nice clean grill.  Just in time to grill the beefy goodness, for the very hungry wife and the rest of the family. (if she actually shares)


This man knows how to grill.


He grills the beefy goodiness to perfection.




Thanks, Sir Husband, for a wonderful Mother’s Day. The Fireworks made it extra special. 🙂

Canning Newspapers


Many years ago, I won a huge one gallon pitcher from Tupperware.  It was a lovely white, so the first thing I made to put in this pitcher was a huge batch of Raspberry Iced Tea.  The red tea in the white pitcher looked lovely. 

Once it was empty, I made sure I washed it so the red would not stain the plastic.  It didn’t, but something just as bad happened.  It smelled like Raspberry Iced Tea.  I could not get the smell out.  If I put other things in there, it tasted like Raspberry Iced Tea.  It was not good.

A friend told me to seal newspaper in the pitcher for several days and it would absorb the order.  Yeah right!   I did what I was told and sure enough it worked.  The smell was completely gone!  AND nothing tasted like Raspberry Iced Tea!

So, when I received the above jars, which smell just like what use to be in them, I decided to can some newspapers.  I’ll leave the newspapers sealed in there for several days.  If the smell is not out by then, I’ll replace the newspapers and reseal.   

They will hold my dried items, like bread crumbs.  I don’t want my breadcrumbs smelling or tasting like spicy red pepper.   I will use the small mason seal lids to seal the jars.

A Great Big THANK YOU!!

A very good blogger friend, Colour du jour, took a much needed vacation to Hawaii.  And she went without me.   Her excuse was that she wanted to be with her family.  I’ll have to accept that and get over it. 

Shortly after she returned, she emailed me and said I’ll be getting a package soon.  WooHoo says I.  She said the items in there reminded her of me.   I don’t understand why.  Maybe you can tell me. 🙂

The package arrived and the innerds were wrapped with a  pretty red ribbon. 🙂

On the inside was this gorgeous thing.


A hand crocheted apron. All the stitches are even and very well done. Notice it is has some red in there. 😀 June will be very honored to wear this to serve at any social gathering.

Along with the apron came a matching little hot pad. It is so pretty. The flower is well done. A little like Irish crochet. The back is a type of granny square.


Next came a pretty little dish towel and matching hotpad. It has apples on it and also has some red. Very useful  and much needed items.


The most special thing in the box, was a bracelet of fresh water pearls all the way from Hawaii. Look, they’re RED! How cool is that!  I have worn them several times already.


Now June would not be caught wearing red pearls around her neck, but her naughty side allows her to wear a hint of red around the wrist.  😀

Thank you, thank you,  Peggyann.

Turn off the T.V.

I didn’t know this, but this week is Turn off the T.V. week.    I found this out at The Happy Housewife

We probably will not totally turn off the T.V., after all we got BOLT from the red box yesterday and we will watch it one more time today and then it goes back to the box forevermore.

At Netflix, you can place your account on hold from 7 to 90 days.  This is what you get, when you are on hold.

  • Hold starts immediately
  • Set reactivation date 7 to 90 days out
  • No billing during your hold
  • No DVD delivery
  • No ability to watch instantly on PC or TV
  • Other site services remain available
  • Now I am not tempted to watch a DVD that arrives, nor can I be attempted to watch an instant play show.  Cool!

    Want to know what happens when we turn off the T.V. around here?

    Read here and then stay tuned.

    Clothes Line

    Another Urban Homekeeper Challengeto seek out and learn new ways to be frugal

    I had mentioned before that we are having to figure out ways to lower our bills.  One of the bills that really needs to be lowered is our electric bill.   One of the ways to do that is hanging clothes out to dry, so I had Sir Husband in all his mightiness, build me a clothes line.


    This isn’t my first clothes line. We had one of those nifty umbrella types. You know the ones; they are square and there is never enough room to hang clothes on them. At some frustrating point, you try to clip a clothes pin on and the whole clothes line will start to turn. It’s like it is alive and doesn’t want to be pinned. You get your exercise for the day, just chasing the clothes line around and around. Sort of like a rat in a wheel.

    I hated that umbrella line. It was in the shade, we have lots of shade and the clothes rarely dried in this humid, shady place, called Florida. I stopped hanging clothes out there. The only things you would find hanging there were over sized stuffed toys, life jackets, and ballet tights. I had to stop hanging the tights out there, because squirrels would take off with them. Maybe they look good in tights, I don’t know.

    One day the good Lord blessed me by sending down a large branch right on top of the clothes line. 🙂

    I told the husband I wanted a real line this time. One that was long with several rows of lines. He didn’t fail me.  He even got the young man out there to help.


    This line in now in half sun and half shade. Our neighbors had to cut down a huge Hickory Tree last year and that let in some light. The line works well. Lots of room for large items like sheets and blankets, which we needed last week.

    The girls like to come out and help…


    Mostly they like to watch.

    Cast Iron – What’s not to love. Part II

    I have always loved cast iron. When properly taken care of, it lasts forever. When seasoned properly, nothing sticks to it.

    When a  cast iron is properly taken care of, it lasts forever. The following is the skillet I got from my husband’s side of the family and we think it might be close to 80 years old. It is a 11 1/2″ skillet, by Wagner Ware. It says on the bottom “Wagner Ware, Sidney, -0-. Notice how slick and shiney it is. That’s the way you want your cast iron. 🙂


    This is my favorite skillet. I think it is because it has a history to it. 🙂 Last night I made our Beef Stir-fry. Things taste better when cooked in cast iron. 🙂


    After cleaning the skillet, I always put it on a low burner to dry out. Then coat with olive oil. This helps pretect it from rust. But once in a while, if I don’t use the cast iron in a while, I’ll find rust in spots. I found a nifty little sponge thingie at the Lodge Outlit Store to help with this.

    Continue reading

    Thank you.

    I want to thank you all for the nice comments.  My father passed away on June 29.  About six years ago he suffered a massive stroke and was in a nursing home.  His health was declining in the past year. He is with the Lord now and in a better place.  Thank you again for all your thoughts and prayers.

    We are home now and trying to get things back in order.  I will be posting soon and getting back to the Get Moving contest.  Let’s just say it took a hike and will be back soon. 😆


    Gone for a while.

    Hi Everyone!

    We are having to leave town for several days, due to a death in the family. I won’t be on to make any posts or approve any comments. If you want you can look for me in the downtown area of Hannibal, MO.  


    Blessings to all and I’ll see you in mid-July.