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A Dead Bunny and Bacterial Growth

We are in our third week at co-op and we just started Module 2, Kingdom Monera, in Apologia Biology.  Kindom Monera consists of Prokayotic cells.  These cells do not have a distinct nucleus and are usually bacteria.

Yesterday’s class was mainly describing the bacteria and how it reproduces asexually.  They reproduce sexually also, but yesterday’s topic was asexually.  Just so ya know.

To help with visuals, I used  The Intelliboard.  I am getting better at using it, but I have lots yet to learn.  Like one of the buttons makes the screen disappear and we can’t figure out how to get it back.  We escaped and the page came back.  Go figure.  Anyhoo….

Here are two of the four pages I made for this lesson.

The black and white picture on the left is an actual photo of a Salmonella Bacteria.  The blue fella on the right is an artist rendition of that Salmonella, done by one of my students.  It’s happy.

This next page is all mine.  Yep, I’m the artist on this one.  Cool huh?

This chart is the Growth of the Population of Bacteria.  The lower left figure is a dead bunny with lots of blood pouring out of it wounds.  The green dots are bacteria.   Bacteria will reproduce rapidly as long as there is a food source; the dead bunny.  The top flat line is called the Steady State, where the bacteria die off as fast as they reproduce.  Then they start to decline, die off faster than they reproduce.  That is unless something dead falls right out of the sky, in this case a dead cow and lands on top of the bunny leftovers, the bacteria will soon die off.

The yellow square portion is called the Logistic Growth.

For some reason one of my students requested I send her this page so she can put it on FB.  So I did.  I know she is in awe of artistic abilities and I also know she probably won’t forget this.

You may bestow your highest compliments on my awesomeness.  Not everyone can draw and explain the growth of bacteria like I can.