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Science Inventory

Last week the girls and I headed out to the homeschool co-op to clean up, organize, and make an inventory of the science supplies. Little did we know that was going to be a serious job!

Our co-op has a small, and I mean small, storage closet.  We keep all of our goods in there.  We even have a small refrigerator in there for drinks. Three drinks are missing now. 😉

I am really surprised how much the administration packed in there.  Here, let me show you.  This is from the door and it is the left side of the closet.  The right side looks just like it.

The Closet

See the cabinet way in the back behind EVERYTHING?  That is the science cabinet I needed to get to.  So, out comes everything in the way.  Doesn’t take but a few minutes to roll out what needs to come out.

Here is the cabinet just after I started cleaning it out.  I forgot to take a before photo.  I had already taken out four boxes, two microscopes, and a bunch of other things thrown in.

This next photo is the cabinet you see on the left side of the top photo. It is not a science cabinet, but a lot of science equipment found its way in there.  So, out it came.

All of it came off the shelves, out of the boxes, and onto a table where we started to organize and count each item.  I got my daughters involved in the job too. They were great helpers!  The youngest counted most of the supplies, while I wrote down the information.

The Clean Up

Another worked on our facilitator’s mailbox.   There is a folder for each facilitator in the co-op.  All homework, notes, and important information, are put in the appropriate folder.   This box is rolled out each co-op morning, so that it is accessible to everyone.

The Mailbox

My oldest daughter printed all the labels I needed for shelves and boxes.   After all the boxes were emptied and items counted, I sorted each item and labeled the boxes.


Then everything went back into the cabinets.  Well almost everything.

All Organized!

I took home all the slides to sort.

Prepared slides all over the place!

Every slides was documented, arranged in order, and labeled.   I printed the slide list off of Apologia site and taped them to the inside of the boxes.   I also labeled which ones were for  Anatomy, Biology, and Elementary.  Whew, so glad that is done!

Pretty slides all in a row.

I also brought home the dissecting equipment.  They were sorted, cleaned, and repacked.  Some items were thrown out, but not as many as I threw out last year.

When I started facilitating at this co-op three years ago, I taught Physical Science.  I borrowed six test-tubes from my MIL, because I could not find any in the right size at the co-op.  After cleaning out the cabinets, we counted 48 test tubes in the medium size.  FORTY-EIGHT!   That is not counting the smaller size or the larger size.

We also have several alcohol burners.  It got me all giddy inside.  I don’t teach anything that uses alcohol burners, but I am so excited we have them.  Who knows, maybe one day I’ll teach Chemistry.  It has crossed my mind.  My son thinks I am out of my mind, but that is another story.  For now, we have alcohol burners! WooHoo!!

I should mention that we also have a bucket of 20 crawfish waiting in the closet to be dissected.  Come back tomorrow for a photo. 🙂

Getting Ready for Homeschool

Updated to add:  2007/2008 Student planners here.    2008/2009 Student planners here.

Student planners are different from portfolios.  Student planners are just that, planners.  I plan out what each child will be doing in each subject on each day.  I plan the entire spelling, reading, history, science, out for the year.  I only plan out Math and English for a month.  I never know if we need to work longer on a new concept for those subjects. 

The colored notebooks below are the child’s everyday notebook.  Once a month, I’ll clean them out and place the papers in their portfolios. The portfolios are required in my state.  They are 3″ 3-ring binders and are given to an evaluator at the end of the year.  Once that is all done; all papers are taken out and boxed up.  We are required to keep their work for two years.

I hope I haven’t confused anyone.  🙂

We have spent a few days this week preparing for schooling.  I have done the shopping, made the planners, and put notebooks together.  There is still more to do like, writing the schedule, make a lunch menu, buy more supplies,  and buy new clothes because the kids won’t stop growing. 

Anyhoo, below is a photo of two of the notebooks.  Each kid likes their own color and they only want that color.  It makes it easy for me, if something is left out I know who did it.  😀  As you can see they are pretty set for supplies, except paper, folders, and some dividers.


This next photo is dark. I could have done a better job of getting the photo, but I am lazy right now and this is all you get. :mrgreen: These are the finished Student Planners. I love making these. The store bought ones have a lot that I don’t need; mainly because they are for public schools. Making my own lets me use only what I need and gives the child a chance to decorate the front. Each of my kids pick the photo and color binding they want. 🙂


 Do you make your own portfolio?

Command Notebook

I started my Command Notebook a month ago.  Tonight I sat down and worked out some final details.  I am quite happy with it, except for one thing.  It will not do the cleaning. LOL 

 I will be writing more on this later, but so far I have these tabs:   The Word, Calendar, menu, routines, phone numbers, family info., pet info., school info., camping info.,  and coupons.  I think there are more, but I can’t remember what they are right now.   I did have a Map section, but realized I need the maps in the van.  So, I made a map notebook to keep in the van.     Do you think this is a good time to confess that I can get lost in my own backyard?  LOL,  it is true. 

I am so excited to be getting this done.  My husband made a Command Station for me and I am anixous to share it with anyone who wants to read about it.  There is just a few touch ups that he has to do, before I can post the pictures.    Hopefully, in a few days.  😀