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Random Monday

We have been gone for 10 days in the mountains, but first there was a stop in Charlotte NC.  You have to say “Charlotte” with a long drawn out southern accent or it just isn’t right. We toured some fancy homes.

I decided on this home, but William said it was too much of a fixer upper on the inside and wouldn’t buy it.  


While waiting for a tour in the house, we met a couple who were from Hannibal, MO.  I was born there, which is why Hannibal is famous.  Not because Mark Twain was born there.  Anyhoo, the man asked what my maiden name was and I said, “Shrewsberry” and he said he has heard of that family.  And I said, “Yeah, you probably did.”   And it probably wasn’t good.

Much to our surprise the girls didn’t enjoy the walking tours.


Then later they got over it and started enjoying themselves.


Then I did a horrific thing.  I milked a cow. In public.  In front of the girls.  This is the second most embarrassing thing I could have done in front of my children.  The first is saying the word “pee”.  I said that too.


Then it was all over.  The kids were done.  Very done.

Random Monday


My MIL calls me the other day to tell me a conversation she had with my 3yo niece, her granddaughter.

J:  Gammar, are my cousins your cousins?

MIL:  No.  I am their Grandmother too.

J:  Oh.  I thought Mr. Shell was their grandmother.


(Some of you may not know my name is Michelle.  Apparently, known as Mr. Shell to my nieces.  I blame their mother.)

This happened a few weeks after  a lady at the H0t Air Balloon ride asked if I had any grandkids yet.

All of this is so wrong any way you look at it. So wrong…

On a brighter note, I get to see this message, from my youngest, every day during math.


Have a great Monday!

Random Monday




I camped alone for two nights, so I could work on my homeschool schedules.  I was able to get the Chemistry done and work on a few others.

The family met me Tuesday night at the campground.  We had hotdogs for dinner.  Sir Husband was lamenting the fact we did not have any coleslaw and he couldn’t eat his hotdog.  Pea #1 said, “Suck it up and eat the hotdog.

We came home 3 days early due to heavy rains and insects ready to feast upon us…and did.

We start school in two weeks.  What happened to summer?

Random Monday


At the time you are reading this, I am somewhere in the state of Florida working on the 2013/2014 school year.  By.myself.people!  Yeah, three nights and two whole days without interruptions.  I’m cool with that.  Family meets me Wednesday morning for the rest of the week!

My youngest and I did a few errands last Friday.  I became super awesome mom, when I bought her a Heath Bar.  After she ate it she said in a serious tone, “Mom.  Did you know that Heath Bar is the best bar ever made?”  Why no, I did not know that!

When I go on long trips, I take lots of yarn, needles, and patterns.  And my Nook with 2 million books on it.  On this trip I have the Zip Up Vest, enough yarn to make three doll sweaters, a hat, and non-phalanges.  I’m only gone for a week, but you never know I might become lighten fast at knitting and finish all the projects before my vacation is over.  Then what will I do!?  Better to be prepared.

Have a great week!

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Random Monday

Wow, what a weekend.

  • My Nook died.  Called B&N Service Center, but the 24 hour support was closed for maintenance.
  • We drove 6 hours to Ft Myers to buy a camper.  It’s great.  More on this later.
  • On the way down to Ft Myers, William and I were looking over a large clearing and saw a massive lightening strike.  It caused at least a 60 ft high fireball when it hit.  We could not tell if it hit something or just the ground.  It was impressive.
  • Since we started camping in a camper over a year ago, we have discovered RV campers are really rather nice.  They are helpful with any problem you may have, even if you don’t want their help.  They are kind enough to stick around after you have mentioned several times, “Thanks! We got it now!”.  I don’t know if I would want it any other way.
  • Our trip back home with the camper in tow, looked like this some of the time.

Dark Clouds

This was great weather compared to our trip down there.

Have a great week everyone!

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Random Monday


One day very soon I hope to get back to the blog and post regularly.

Saturday, my youngest, turned 12.  To celebrate she had three friends sleepover Friday.  They had pizza, garlic bread, juice, gatoraide, candy, and chocolate cream pie. They watched one movie, then went swimming in the neighbor’s pool at night.  After that  , I went to bed and they watched two more movies, had popcorn and candy.  All friends went home at 11:00a the next morning, but by evening time all of my kids were sick. Yay me!

Sunday, Father’s Day, left us with one kid well and we headed out to church with just half a family.  Got back and the kid that went with us was not well again.  The hubs and I left all four kids resting at home and we took off to looked at campers again.  We found one we really like and may or may not look into it.

While out and about, we decided it was time for us to get new phones.  This idea has been swimming around in the husband’s head for months and years.  It’s a long story.  Anyhoo, while at the AT&T store trying to “upgrade”, we started playing with a smartphone.  So picture this, two slightly old people playing non-stop with the sample phone.  After awhile it dawns on us, we cannot figure out how to get to the key pad to make a phone call.  Seriously, we’re like this is totally pathetic!  AT&T was having some major issues getting us upgraded, so we have to go back tomorrow.  Hopefully, they’ll be able to tell us how to make a call on the smartphone.  Or maybe we are too old to upgrade?

I took some extra time this weekend and read through a new book I got from the library.  Zero Waste  –  The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste. By Bea Johnson.  This book was featured as one of the newest books at our library.  It intrigued me because we do have way too much waste at our home.  While I do not agree with some of her ideas/suggestions,  I did pick up a few golden nuggets.  If you’re interested in this topic, check the book out at the library. What I find really funny when I read these types of environmental books, is the amount trees they killed and the amount of toxic inks they used to have it published.  If she followed her own advice, it should have only been an ebook. Still and interesting read.

Random Monday


My youngest has inherited, from her father, the totally fantastic ability to raise one eyebrow.  Her left one.  I envy people who can raise one eyebrow.  Because I am jealous of this ability, people often hear me say, “Put that eyebrow down!”.  This week the 11yo daughter said, “Mom.  Only educated people can raise one eyebrow.”

The high schoolers at our co-op had a Christmas party last week.  After making sure there will be adult supervision, two other moms and I left to have coffee at Starbucks.  I had the Peppermint Mocha Latte or something like that.  It was slightly under being OK.  It was lukewarm.  Coffee and tea should NEVER be lukewarm!

The facilitators at the co-op had their own Christmas party.  We always have the White Elephant exchange.  I made these.

pocketbook slippers

And they turn into these.  Click on the above photo for the pattern.

pocketbook slippers

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Have a great Monday everyone!


Random Monday

I personally would like to know what happened to November?

Had a wonderful time with the in-laws for Thanksgiving. The cousins, little cousins and giant cousins, had a great time. FYI: All my baking skillz dropped a significant amount, just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. Rolls were hockey-pucks, apple pie was burned, but the pumpkin pie and sweet potatoes were edible. Comment from SIL, “This is the first time I had some of your bread that wasn’t very good.”  Comment from MIL, “I’m going to eat the apple pie anyway.”  You’ll be happy to know both are still alive.

Left the house at 2:15am on Black Friday to do some shopping. I normally leave at 4:00am, but couldn’t sleep that night and left early. I was shocked. I mean SHOCKED, to see all the people out on the road. In years past I was the only one out on the road at 4:00am, until I got to the mall. It was creepy and awesome at the same time. Everyone was nice and I got semi-good deals. I came home at 10:00am, picked up the husband to shop some more, then home at around 1:30. I crashed after that.

Saturday night Pea #2 decided it was time to play board games. She got out her favorite game Clue, walked up to her dad and asked, “Dad, do you have any logic?” Dad, “Not tonight.” Pea #2, “Then you’re going to loose!”

We bought a 5′ to 6′ tree at Lowes. It is just under 6′ and is the shortest live tree we have ever had. On the other hand, the girls have done a marvelous job of decorating it.

I TOTALLY mortified by 14 year old while at the grocery store this weekend.   And it was by accident! I got a very harsh whisper from her, “Mmmooooooommmm!” Want to know what I did?  I spoke out loud. in. the. public. bathroom.   Yes I did.  Forgive me.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

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Monday Twaddle

Around four weeks ago, I was heading home on the express way when the truck in front of me decided to loose its bed-liner.  I hit the brakes, swerved to the left, and ran over the liner.  It knocked out the sensor, a light, and did some damage to the bumper and rim.   Took it to our insurance owned repair shop.  Three weeks later it still wasn’t fixed properly, the husband raised cain, and took it to the dealership.  A claims adjuster from S. Florida came up and agreed their repair shop did a lousy job.  While it is being repaired properly, they gave me a rental.  It is a new Sienna and does everything except say, “Welcome, Your Highness” when I enter.    I think it is broken.

Pea #1 and Pea #2 will be having a mock debate/election on Tuesday in their history class.  They each have to make a speech. Pea #2 gave Pea #1 a joke to use.  “See the pub in Republican?  Maybe they are spending too much time there.”  Now Pea #2 is madder than a wet hen, because she is the Republican in this debate and has given the enemy, Democrats, some ammunition.

For a few months we have been hearing about the dog toy. It is a rubber pig and snorts like a real pig.  Not oinks, but snorts.  Apparently dogs go really, really nuts over it. We didn’t believe it until one day we saw a dog go after the pig like it was a high priced drug.  I mean the dog went nuts.  The Husband stopped by Wally World and picked up “The Pig”.  Once home, the giddy girls called the dogs, had them sit, and wait.  The girls presented the pig and squeezed it to make it snort really loud.  One dog ran off and the other SDP. That means stopped, dropped, and peed.  Yeah.  Our 50 and 60 pound lab dogs are scarred of a little snorty pig.

I will be glad when elections are over.  I have already voted but The Husband and The Son still have to vote.  The Son will be voting for the first time and like most young first time voters, he could careless.  I hope this isn’t our future.

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