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Crocheted Tea Cozies

teacosie.jpgThis is a tea cosy I made for my swap buddie at Crochetville.  It is made from Red Heart yarn.   My friend wanted something retro, with colors to match her kitchen.  She also likes anything with stars.   I fashioned this cozy from Fox-Glove Tea Cosy .   The big red star is a button used to close the cozy around the tea pot.  She and I had the same teapot a six cup Brown Betty (only hers was red).

Here are pictures of the tea cozies she sent me.  She designed these herself.  The first one is like mine, with the bubbles.    The second one is felted.   She sent me extra flowers and they are the ones I put on my daughter’s hat.  🙂  These are not very good pictures and the color does not do them justice.  They are very beautiful.

teacosie-1.JPG teacose2.JPG These are used for my Brown Betty tea pot.  You can find Brown Betties at Harney & Sons or buy them off of eBay (like I did).

Below are some patterns to make your own cozies. If you make any, please tell me about them.

  • Prim Rib – this is knitted.  I really like how it looks, but I can’t knit well.
  • Rosy Cosy –  this is beautiful and I plan on making this soon.
  • Ripple Tea Cozy – very pretty for 2 or 3 cup pots.
  • Scallop Tea Cosy – This is the pattern that started the swap at Crochetville.  It has been done in different colors and is very pretty.
  • Lion Brand Tea Cozy – I haven’t seen this one before.  Looks nice.
  • Teapot cozy – This one is decorated with crochted flowers.

That is all I can find for now.  If I find anymore free patterns, I’ll post them.  🙂