Crocheted Gifts

I have been a little busy working on my crochet projects.  Here is what I have done so far.

This is the afghan for my SIL.  On Ravelry there is a group called Block a Month.   You crochet or knit a 12″ squares each month and at the end of the year you have 12 squares to work with.  I made sixteen squares and added a border.

I did a lot of scarves for some reason. 

Blue Scarf for a friend.

Scarf for The Violinist teacher

This scarf is seven feet long.  It is a gift for Sir William.  He loves to drive around during cold weather with the top down.  Along with this scarf, will be a coupon from the kids to clean his car, and a huge candybar.

I needed a couple of very quick gifts and I came up with these.  I made these in on day, all from one huge skein of yarn. 🙂

Below is a headband for Pea #1.  She loves headbands.  This one is made from wool yarn and goes over the ears to keep them warm.

All these gifts made to keep people toasty warm in Florida.  LOL

11 responses to “Crocheted Gifts

  1. Hey, I believe one of those gifts will keep a person toasty warm in Minnesota! I hope it arrives just in time for our 12-18 inches of snow that’s on it’s way for Christmas! Merry Christmas!

  2. Did you set any speed records!?

    Lovely handmade gifts for your loved ones, Applie!

  3. very very nice afghan.

  4. You’ve been very busy I see! Good for you. Well, that package is still under the tree? Wrapping intact? Good.

  5. Wow!!! All beautiful.

  6. You have been a busy elf! They all look lovely.

  7. I love the blue scarf!

  8. None of them arrived in my mailbox in time for Christmas =(

    Maybe they’ll be here before New Year’s???

    You do wonderful work, I know because I have been recipient of some.

  9. AWESOME afghan. I really like those colrs and all those neat designs! Great work.

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