Module 13 – Phylum Chordata

Module 13 – Phylum Chordata


Perch Dissection The perch was so dry.  We were not able to have a really good look inside, because we spent most of the time cutting.  My plan for next year is to have freshly dead fish.

Frog Dissection

Experiment 13 This is the alternate field study for this module.  We picked a near by state park, packed a lunch, and left.  So much fun.  Each of the students were required to fill out a worksheet of what they found and sketch each object.  I gave them two weeks to complete the sketches after the field trip.Here is the worksheet that was handed out. It will come up as a pdf file for you to print.  Fill free to use it.


Something smells fishy – fresh fish dissection. Not really fresh, it was frozen then thawed.  This dissection will most like go bye-bye next year.  Ewww….

Dissected Frog 2011

Dissected Perch 2015

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