Module 6 – The Cell

Appliejuice Etsy Shop  –  has a letter to students explaining the mission (project), Student Grade Sheet, Teacher Rubric, and a list for the teacher of what is required in the cell. That’s a helpful tool while grading. 🙂
Cork and Onion Cell experiment Has some neat photos of our slides.
Plant or Animal Cell Projects

A special project, edible cell, is assigned to the students two weeks before it is due.  This gives them enough time to read the module and gather the ingredients and make the cell.  We are following the instructions at ScienceSpot, with very little changes.   All students and facilitators enjoyed this project; I highly recommend doing this.

:) I have prepared certificates for the chosen ones.  Each student votes on the Most Attractive and Most Disgusting.    Below is a link to the certificates I made for this assignment.  This is one time where the entire co-op looks forward to what we are doing.

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