Module 16 – Reptile, Birds, and Mammals

2009/2010  Nothing exciting to note here.  We did look at the developing chicken egg, but it was difficult to see and frustrating to some.  I haven’t decided if I will do this experiment again next year.  I did not require the students to do a lab write-up for it.

One day I was out sick, so I had the students watch a section of flying on The Life of Birds by  BBC.  While they watched, they filled out this worksheet.   I needed them to stay focused and not cause trouble for the other facilitator. lol   Each of them did a fine job and I loved all of their sketches.

For an extra experiment, I had the student dissect a fetal pig.  You can read about it here (with photos).

Last Day of Co-op.  2010

Biology Bingo Set of ten bingo cards to review some of the vocabulary through-out the book.


We used the overhead projector for the developing chick egg.  It worked out so much better than us just eyeballing it.  I use the overhead projector again for next year.

We did not play Biology Bingo, due to a few students not attending for the last day. They had good reasons 🙂

For our final project for 2011, the students dissected owl pellets.  Read Here.  I really don’t think we will be doing that again.  I don’t have a reason, just decided not to.

Once again I have enjoyed facilitating this class and look forward to next year.  All of my students are great. 🙂

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