Glad you came by the new blog.

I know it will take a little while to get this up and running.  I tried last night to add “Applie’s Favorite Rotten Blogs”, but the blog won’t let me add this.  Plus it seems to lock up my computer every time I log on.  Anyhoo, those are bumps in the road and we’ll figure it out soon.

I won’t be on much for the next week.  The “Get Moving” (ug, it’s not letting me link!)  contest is still on. 🙂

Ta-Ta for now!

Update: I was able to figure out the blog links and I have added all the rotten blogs. Let me know if I missed someone.   I haven’t added my favorite friend blogs yet.  I also got some of the tags back on, still working on that.

Another update:  I have added Applie’s Friends.  I know I have more to add.  🙂  

7 responses to “Glad you came by the new blog.

  1. and what happened to me?

  2. Well you’ve got me, am I glad about that :whew:

    You are welcome to check out my blogroll to find out if you missed anyone 😉

    Can’t wait to see what you are able to do with this place when you get the time to work on it.

  3. Don’t forget to add me! I love being a smurfy rotten apple 😀

    That was very nice of you to add links to Jessica ❤ Thank You ❤

  4. WeeHOOOO! What a nice new blog. You did great moving it over. :mrgreen:

    Silly me and my blog name changes. 😆 Hey, at least I kept my blog this time, unlike the other times. 😆 I’ve just been trying to find the right “fit” for the name. 🙂 Autumn Harvest is a name I used a long time ago and will always like because it is the name of our school. :mrgreen:

    Have a marvelous Monday! 😀 Hugs, Robin

  5. Whoohooo! I made the friends list! I’m totally happy!

    Sorry to disappear on ya. Things have been crazy here. Josh is on leave and we’ve been helping a friend move. Well, Josh has done most of the work. I have done a lot of the packing.

    We’ve submitted all the adoption paperwork (like a book for each of us) and are now trying to figure out where our vacation went!

    I checked out a few of the other sites you have listed — very cool.


  6. I think the old apples could be called, “cider apples” or “hard cider” — just for kicks.



  7. I didn’t make the list! Sniff! Am I not rotten anymore?

    I hope it is going well for you all in Hannibal and that you are enjoying your mini-vacation too.

    Thanks for the reminder, Sumi. I added you to the rotten list. 🙂

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