Weekly Menu


Sunday: BBQ chicken on the grill, salad, whole wheat rolls, peas and rice.

Monday: Chicken Noodle Soup; Whole Wheat Rolls

Tuesday: Prize winning Chili over pasta, from the cookbook In The Kitchen with Jessica

Wednesday: Chicken Potpie made with store bought pie crust, because I still can’t make pie crusts. Also, Chocolatechic won’t come down here and make it for me.

Thursday: Amish Meatloaf; from In The Kitchen with Jessica, baked potatoes, and some kind of veggie.

Homemade Pizza with whole wheat crust (I can make pizza crusts!), garlic bread, ice cream, oreo cookies, and a movie.

5 responses to “Weekly Menu

  1. Looks very yummy – except for the chicken pot pie unless you leave out the peas, then it will be perfect. =)

    Elaines last blog post..A Problem ~ Updated

  2. can I come over for dinner, it sounds delicious! I show you how to make piecrust its easypeasy…

    peggyanns last blog post..“Seams to Me” Anna Marie Horner

  3. Chocolatechic wants you to try again!

    Well, I got your recipe, so I will try again. The pie crust would taste better if you came down and made it for me. 😀

    chocolatechics last blog post..October 28

  4. Awww! She really should be on lend (Chocolatechic) to cook for us


    RazorFamilyFarms.coms last blog post..Guinea Winter Training

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