A dorky gift

I wanted to make something special for a friend. I had some Bernat Alpaca in my stash. It was enough to make a scarf from one of the Interweave Crochet magazines.  I started this scarf and realized I needed another skein to finish it. I only needed to make one more row. So, off to Michael’s I go to get one more skein. I finish the last row and then realized I still needed another skein to finish the edging on the other side. So…back to Michael’s again! All for this dorky scarf. After it was all done, I am looking at it, thinking, this is really, really long. What a dorky scarf!! It is about 8 feet long and I also put an extra row on the ruffle side. I was not paying attention while making it. Oh well, the recipient seems to like it.

Here is the dorky scarf for my dorky friend. 🙂

Dorky scarf

Here is an upclose picture. The yarn is really soft, but my dd#1 said it was itchy. We don’t care for things around our necks here.

dorky 1

Before I placed it in the box to be mailed, I rolled it up. It lookes like a great big fuzzy flower from the top, but from the side it looked like a great big pile of doo.

dorky 2

At least it is long enough to wrap around the neck several times for warmth. 🙂

8 responses to “A dorky gift

  1. Your such a great friend.

    chocolatechics last blog post..October 30

  2. Oh my! I think it’s adorable-even if it did cause you a lot of trouble!

  3. I happen to like dorky scarves – especially dorky scarves with ruffles. I made one for The Man (minus the ruffles) when I first learned to knit – he still wears it. 🙂

    Melanies last blog post..A Tribute

  4. now we are all wondering who your dorky friend is…..

    She might come on here and annouce she is dorky. We’ll wait and see. 😀

    peggyanns last blog post..Window Dressing

  5. That is just about the dorkiest scarf I have ever seen. I’m sure your dorky friend is in dork heaven.

    I hope she is in dork heaven. It’s a good place for a dorky friend. 😀

    Sheris last blog post..Twosey Tuesday

  6. A scarf, even a dorky one, made by a friend is always wonderful.

  7. It is great even if you think it is dorky….I”m sure your friend won’t when it is cold outside.

    MichielleRoses last blog post..Grand Opening Giveaway

  8. It looks so so soft, Miss Applie. 😀 You are a super duper crocheter! 🙂 Your friend will surely lovvve it. 😀

    Robins last blog post..The Flower Boat

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