Tunisian Class

Last Saturday I drove all the way to Macclenny, to attend a Tunisian Crochet Class, at The Local Needle.  You already know this is my BFF-LYS (Best Friend Forever Local Yarn Shop).  Ok, it isn’t so “local”.  Took me an hour to drive there, but it is well worth it. 

I want to take you on a little tour of the shop.  I have only been their twice. 🙂  I wish it was closer to me.

Joan, the owner, has every corner packed with wonderful yarn.  Some of it makes your eyes pop out because of the price, but oh does it feel good.   Not the eye popping part, the feel of the yarn.  Stay with me here, ok?

Below is one corner, where people can sit for classes or just sit and crochet/knit and chat.  We chatted a lot during our class time.  🙂


Here are a few more pictures of the store. Isn’t it cute?



The class for the Tunisian Crochet started at 11:00. We sat at the the table with our instructor.


Here I am at the same table. Joan was kind enough to take a picture of me. I really think the amount of trouble I had seeing the stitches in the yarn, was due the color of my pink shirt. Right Chocolatechic?


This is Jeff. He was our instructor and he is very good at what he does.


Here is my practice swatch. I got the hang of it after a few minutes, but it had only 10 stitches. The shawl has 190!   I’ll tell you more about the project in a couple of days.


The yarn is Pagewood Hand dyed Sock Yarn, in Teal. Isn’t it pretty. 🙂

12 responses to “Tunisian Class

  1. I knew you loved pink.

    I knew it!

    And that teal colored yarn….perfection!
    Finally! Somethine we agree on. Just remember I am still right.

  2. With the fine yarn/thread you’re using it is hard to see the pattern of Tunisian but it is looking very nice. Will you have more classes on this in the near future? I’m glad that you are enjoying the class and that the yarn shop was worth the drive =)

    Elaine, Those two rows are the Tunisian Cross Stitch. The giant hook with the small yarn does make it hard to see it, but I am not after that look. LOL Will explain later. We will have one more class in March or April to do the trimming.

  3. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to take this class with you. It looks like so much fun. What is this stitch you have learned? It looks new to me and YES, I do think that teal yarn is “pretty.”

  4. Very pretty yarn and swatch. Looks like a fun day.

  5. Why aren’t the M&Ms open?

    That is a lovely yarn store with all those yarns arranged in their glorious colors….oh, my fingers itch! You look totally happy in your picture. 😀

    The older lady in your class looks like my friend, Verna, from North Dakota.

  6. okay, that teacher looks nothing like what I would expect. I guess you can’t judge a book by it’s cover!

  7. What a cute little shop. She really does have every nook & cranny stocked with yarn!

    Your work is very nice. It looks very delicate.

  8. That’s your teacher?? I was wondering how he stumbled into your class! lol Go, dude! 😛

    LOL You are so funny. He is an awesome knitter also.

  9. I expected to see an elder lady and some young pink wearing ones. But the man threw me right away. Then to find out he was the instructor was rather cool! I wouldnt of thunk it!!!! Looks like a fun time if you are talented and creative like you!

  10. Your friend’s shop is very nice and inviting. I like the photo of you. You look like you are enjoying the class. The teal yarn is pretty.

  11. I would drive an hour for that yarn store. In fact, I think I might drive six. I also love the yarn you picked for your shawl – very nice!

  12. love the yarn, very nice… love the store, awesome! My favourite LYS closed. However, I am truly not allowed to complain because there is a second LYS in Guelph, plus two more that have very good yarn selections.

    That being said, I’d love your LYS in the same way I loved the store I miss!

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