Collecting Cast Iron

My MIL calls me this afternoon and tells me she has two cast iron pots.  She found them hiding in a closet and wants to get rid of them.  She asks if I want them.  Well, yeah!

The funny thing about this is on Facebook two friends and I were discussing cast iron just this morning.  What pieces to do we have and what pieces we wish we had.  I want a square skillet, which my MIL provided today. 🙂  I also want a large dutch oven with legs.  It’s on my Christmas list.

I drive over to the in-laws to pick up my new treasures.  This first one here is a dutch oven.  She did not have a lid and I am not sure if one came with it. It is 10 inches in diameter and 4 inches deep.

cast iron

The handle is something I haven’t seen before. That doesn’t mean it is unique, just that I haven’t seen it before. Notice on one side there is an extension of the edge, like a handle. If you hold that and the wire handle,  the hook at the pot keeps the wire handle from folding all the way back to your other hand. Does that make any sense at all? Well, all I can figure out is that this pot is made to pour something out of it.

cast iron

The bottom says, Wagner Ware Sidney -0-. Can anyone tell me the age of this? I know it was passed down from my husband’s grandmother.

cast iron

The second treasure is a 10 inch square skillet. I really like the size and I am sure it will be one of my daily favorites real soon.

cast iron

The bottom has no markings except a D at the handle. Can anyone tell me about this one?

cast iron

I am real excited about my new treasures and am looking forward to breaking them in.   Wonder what I should make first?

14 responses to “Collecting Cast Iron

  1. That is some kind of closet! I think the first one belongs to us since it says “Sidney” – LOL

  2. Those are cool. Now you are going to get me started on a new kick, aren’t you?? I have replaced most of my Teflon pots and pans with Stainless Steel pots. But I don’t like how they get all discolored and burnt and are hard to clean. The cast-iron posts sounds much better. Great. Another thing to obsess about.

  3. Well how cool is that! I vote for grilled cheese sandwiches and a big pot of stew. 😀

  4. How about cooking up a nice square meal in the square pan. =)

  5. Waaahhhhhhhh I’m so jealous.

  6. Hello 🙂
    Remember that crazy hillbilly Army wife home school Mommy that sent you an email once asking about your bag, and about crochet?

    You were very sweet and helpful, and I’ve actually completed two projects!

    I had you bookmarked, so I decided to stop by and say thanks for being very nice to a stranger. The book you recommended – Encyclopedia of Crochet was very good as well. I think it’s far beyond my skills at this point (which consists of the Granny Square, and well….that’s it. Just the Granny Square.)

    The cast iron is great! What fabulous finds. Lucky lucky you. You may already know this – When done cooking and cleaning them, turn them upside down in a warm oven to dry them completely out. Keeps them from rusting.

    • Hi Trena. Welcome back. 🙂 I see you have a blog now. That is great, now I can read all about you. Yes, I know about the cast iron. 🙂

      Going now to read about your life.

  7. Ooo, I’d make a huge batch of ham ‘n beans and cornbread!! I learned how to make perfect hash-browns in cast iron this week;0) I just found you through Donna Young…using the Chemistry schedule for my 16 yr old Sophomore. Thanks for sharing the schedule, it was a tremendous help in scheduling! blessings,

  8. Hey! It is monogrammed for me already!!

    Your guess on the handle is correct. That is why the bail only goes 90 degrees rather than 180.

  9. Oh, I forgot to mention that the pot would most likely have had a dripper lid. (a lid with little bumps all over the bottom of it so that it would self baste whatever was cooking.

  10. They show up on eBay with regularity. I think that you can get the plain lid or the dripper lid. I am not sure which yours would have been sold with originally, but the dripper lid sure is neat. There are a couple of the dripper lids on eBay now. If you want to compare with mine, I have a #8 dutch oven and a Lodge #10 camp dutch oven (both are the same size which I think is odd…) which both have lids.

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