A weekend with the Violinist

Back in October, I took my oldest daughter out for a Mother-Daughter weekend.  We had some Mother-Daugther things to discuss.  😉

Sir Husband booked us a hotel room on the beach in St. Augustine, FL.  Our room faced the beach and it was so beautiful.  The first morning was foggy.

foggy morning

This walk down the beach lasted only a few minutes.  The violinist was getting bored, because she wasn’t allowed to go swimming…yet.

Since we had nothing else to do, we drove to the historical part of St. Augustine.  We got there at 9:50am and not a single shop was open.  Most did not open until 10:10 to 10:15.  Why bother, there was no one around.  lol

Gates of St. Augustine

After walking around a bit, I made The Violinist go into the Oldest School House.  She was beyond bored.  If it wasn’t so embarrassing to her, she would have landed on the ground and had convulsion and refused to go in.  She didn’t.  Maybe it was because she knew I would have done the same thing if she did.  Now that would have sent her running to find new parents.  I mean really, a mother acting like that!  She can’t even stand it when I yell encouragement to kids playing a game.  If she ran off, I can always bring her back by dangling ice cream in front of her.

Oldest School House

The violinist favorite place to be was here.  Under all that prettiness, she is a fish.  Now if I was Melanie, I would use my PSE6 and lighten her face, put some sparkle in her eyes, and a bunch of other things to make this a better picture.  Maybe even fix the nose, I don’t know.  It doesn’t matter, I am not Melanie and I don’t know how to use my PSE6.

In the pool.

I went swimming a few times, which is really nice in October.  😀  We also went to the beach a few more times during the weekend.  The violinist went swimming at the beach, but I didn’t.  We forgot beach towels and I had my camera.


Below are Sea Oats.  They are illegal to pick here.  You use to see a framed Sea Oat in just about every home in Florida, along side pictures of palm trees and pink flamingoes.  Now you just see palm trees, pink flamingoes, and shells.     Sea Oats had nothing to do with our weekend.

Sea oats 1

The next morning was absolutely beautiful!  From our balcony we saw this sunrise.

Sunrise 1


sunrise 2

We even got to see dolphin swim by.  Now that was exciting. 

The weekend was wonderful.  I really enjoyed having just one of my daughters with me for the three days.  I look forward to taking Pea #1 out on her weekend, but at the same time I am thankful it will be another two years. 😀

9 responses to “A weekend with the Violinist

  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend.

  2. You are a blessing to your family, Michelle. =)

  3. That sounds really fun. What exactly did you discuss 🙂 ? Your photos are lovely even though you didn’t beautify them like Melanie would. I don’t even own PSE6.

  4. Applie, that is beautiful….everything…the whole thing is just wonderful.

  5. What a wonderful idea! I miss St. Augustine. Thanks for sharing all your pretty pictures. I think they look just fine. Your daughter is beautiful.

  6. How special for both of you!!!

  7. That is wonderful, Michelle! I’m glad you both had a good weekend.

    And I wouldn’t have done a thing to any of your pictures. 🙂

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