A New Toy

I discovered this new laptop has a fun photo feature.  Dare I show this?  Why, yes I dare.

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Lord have mercy on me.

10 responses to “A New Toy

  1. My laptop has that also and it is fun to play with! Funny photos. Now quit playing around and get back to school!

  2. Soooo! What kind is it? Looks like fun! Yeah, this fall break was a REALLY good idea!! We needed it! :O) See you soon!

  3. hahahaha

    The last one of the both of you in a fro is just too hip for words unless it’s poetry.
    The Applie on the clothesline could be the last thing a bug sees.

  4. thank you for the laugh….i needed that one! 🙂

  5. very cute!!! I think it will be lots of fun for your girls, think bribery.

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