H. L. Hunley

I don’t know what is up with WordPress (probably my fault, but I am not going to admit it), but here is the missing post.

The H.L. Hunley was built in 1863.  Manned by eight men and is the first submarine to sink a ship, Housatonic in wartime.

Hunley 019

It sank during a test drive on August 19, 1863 killing five of the eight crewmen.
It was retrieve and it sank again during another test drive, on October 15, 1863 killing all eight crewmen.
On February 17, 1864, it went into battle.  The submarine attacked and sank the USS Housatonic.   Unfortunately the Hunley also sank, killing all crew members and was lost.

The wreck was located by a man named Spence in 1970 and again in 1995 by NUMA.  On August 8, 2000 the Hunley was removed from the water.

Hunley 023

The area where the crewmen worked is incredibly small.  The photo below is a replica that was used in a movie.  This replica is larger than the actual submarine.  Sir Husband look very comfortable, doesn’t he?

Hunley 001

The size is only 48″ diameter.  The tallest crewmen was 6’1″.  Can we say claustrophobic?

Hunley 021It was once believed that the torpedo was attached to a string.  Once the torpedo was embedded into the ship’s haul, the submarine would reverse pulling the string and then setting off the torpedo.  It has been recently found that this is not the case.  The torpedo was detonated by a push button.  Just 20 feet or so from the ship.

Hunley 016

It is unknown how the crewmen actually ended up on the bottom of the sea, but three possibilities are given during the tour.

Hunley 017

If you ever visit Charleston, SC, I suggest you take time to visit this museum.

Hunley 022

They have even reconstructed the heads of the crewmen.  Creepy and cool all at the same time.

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