Leptoglossus  A true bug.  

 Found this critter on our kitchen window.  It is dead now and waiting to be pinned.   He might find his way to Chocolatechic for a nice visit. She can feed him lemon cake and tea.


True bugs have:

  1. Wings that fold flat over the back.
  2. Mouth with two parts.
  3. Stink Glands.

Wings of a true bug can be folded out of the way, flat over the back.  Mouth parts are for piercing and sucking.  The mouth part is made up of two channels, one for saliva and the other for sucking.  Each has its own pump.   This true bug feeds off of plants and destroys the plant’s tissues. 

True bugs also have stink glands at the base of the middle pair of legs.  Many insect eating birds avoid true bugs, because they ain’t tasty. 

Wouldn’t you like to have one of these for your very own?

7 responses to “Leptoglossus

  1. Oh my gosh…that is disgusting. That’s why I would never live in Florida. Giant, disgusting bugs. Intensive heat. High humidity. Hurricanes. Why do you live there???

    • I live here, because my husband lives here. He was born in Florida and I haven’t been able to get him to move north. That’s not really true. I did get him to move north. We moved about 8 miles north of where we use to live. LOL

  2. It is so ugly it deserves to die.


  3. Thanks, but no thanks, we’ve got plenty of true bugs around here.
    I should find a picture of the bugs I saw the other day – horrifying, I tell ya.

  4. Oh, my – don’t know that I would have been able to get that close to a bug to take it’s picture – even if it was dead….. Great job!!

  5. Thank you for the lesson on what a true bug is.

    All I can say is “Yuck” 😛

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