The destruction of a pig

The final dissecting project in Biology was the fetal pig.  This was not a project listed Apologia’s book Exploring Creation with Biology.  It was just something I added for the fun of it.

We did not have much time to do any exploring inside the pig.  Mainly we just opened it up and had a look around.

Instead of going through all the details, you can watch a slide show.   After the slide show you might want to enjoy the labeled photos below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And the final one was taken after two students decided they needed to see the brain.  I gave them the go ahead. 😀

If you have made it this far, I am impressed.  Just to let you know, we will not be doing this again next year.

Coming up.  Biology Bingo!

9 responses to “The destruction of a pig

  1. ewwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!

    Ok, I’ve been fine with everything I’ve seen on this blog until now.

    I just can’t handle that pig’s face and snout.
    I can handle the close-ups when I can’t see his face, but if I can see the face, no way.

    I never thought of myself as particularly squeamish, but guess I am on this one.

    (Now you knew you’d get some reactions on this one, right???) 😀

  2. Surprisingly I don’t find that too disgusting. You must be growing on me. Or I’m becoming just like you! OH NO!!!

  3. Awesome photos, Michelle and I’m glad you posted them.

    “pieces parts” LOL!

  4. I remember doing that in highschool. Again with lampreys in college …. but the pic with the “pieces parts” is a bit like a horror movie. LOL
    Thanks for sharing. 😀 You’re doing a great job. Why have you decided not to dissect the fetal pig next year?

    • A horror movie. LOL

      We will not be doing this again next year, because 1.5 hours is just not enough to really study the pig. Plus there were other things in the curriculum I wanted to go more deeply into and couldn’t because I had set aside time for the fetal pig. 🙂

  5. It still amazes me how similar human anatomy is to that of a pig’s. I do not know how God came up with all of this when He was creating everything – like how He packed everything so nicely and completely in such a small space!

    I don’t know if I could have done the dissection but viewing your photos has not bothered me at all. Personally I think that you’re a great science teacher and I sure hope your students, the parents and the co-op appreciate all the hard work you do for your class. If they leave your class not understanding the subject it is all their own fault.

  6. I like your idea of fun! 🙂

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