Stinky Pond Water

This week the girls needed to collect pond water for an experiment in Biology.  As you look through these pictures, note the lack of excitement.

First off we have to have a way to collect pond water.  God forbid if we get close enough and to get out toes wet.  To stop this possible horror, we attach a soup ladle to a long PVC pipe.

2014-09-03 006

We get in the car and drive to our favorite place; the library.  There’s an interesting pond between the library and the road. We got to be seen from the library and the road!  No one has ever come out of the library and asked what are we doing.  Maybe they see us and say, “Oh, it’s THEM.”  Which makes sense, since they do know us there.

2014-09-03 007

Water looks like some interesting organisms live there. Let’s hope so, because that is what we want.   Now you see why we need the long handle for the ladle.  Can’t get too close, you know.

2014-09-03 010

I hear lots of griping, MOM!  Do you HAVE TO take PICTURES!?   Why yes.  Yes I do.

2014-09-03 016

After the pond water was collect we head back to the van.  Meanwhile, being the awesome mom that I am, continued to click a gazillion pictures just to irritate my daughters.   It’s a gift.  Only one or two are clear, but the purpose was not to actually get a good picture.

2014-09-03 026

Once home, jars were labeled, and food was added.  One of the girls caught a minnow.  It is still in there. lol

2014-09-03 030

To allow air to get in and nothing else, I cut up a pair of pantyhose to cover the jars.  They are now in the garage.  We are waiting on The Husband to announce something stinks in the garage.  So far that hasn’t happened.  Maybe Monday.  I’ll keep you posted.

2014-09-03 036

Anyone else collect pond water this week?

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