2016 – 2017 HS Biology Schedule

Here it is!  This is my final Biology schedule, since this will be my last year teaching this subject.  I am happy about that.

Click here for the schedule –> 2016-2017 Schedule
Click here for the Field Journal information –>  Field Nature Journal

The schedule is different this year:

  1.  In a  few of the modules, especially Module 1, I moved the reading schedule around. This was due to areas I want read prior to coming to class.  Some of the material needed to be read in order to do the experiment on a set day.
  2.  I also removed Module 9 from the schedule and gave Module 6 and 7 three weeks each.
  3. Module 16 was moved to after Module 13 and Modules 14-15 were moved to the end of the year.  I do not like having to go back to the animals after studying flowers.  I just want it done all at once.

Activities have changed:

Biggest change is lab sketches.  All sketches will be done in a Field Journal.  I bought three Canson Sketch Books at Michael’s when they had their 50% off one item coupon.  This is the book that all sketches will be done in.  The lab write up will have a “see page # in field journal” writing where the sketch should be.

The nature journal “textbook” we will be working from is The Laws guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling by John Muir Laws.

The reason for this change is because I will only have two students and we will have plenty of time to stop and enjoy God’s creation.  I want us to slow down and really observe our surroundings.  The other reason is because one student is an artist and she wants to be a scientist.  🙂  My other student is not an artist, so she will probably just draw pencil stick figures.  This student is my youngest daughter.  Yes, she was in my class two years ago, but she didn’t do her work, so…..  yeah, round two coming up!

Second change is no Insect Board!  My daughter has already done it and the other young lady gets the hives just thinking about killing and pinning an insect. So….we (read that as I) will catch bugs to observe and they will be sketched in the journal.

Third change is, we are going fishing for a fish to dissect.  Since my all time favorite company cannot send a fish to my home, we will get it from the wilds of someones neighborhood pond.  Actually, my student will just step outside her backdoor and catch one for us. 😀

I am so looking forward to this year.  I know I will be able to share some of my students sketches; mine might not be worth showing. LOL

When I get my final list of supplies we are using, I’ll post them.

Any questions? 😀








One response to “2016 – 2017 HS Biology Schedule

  1. The links to your schedule and field journal no longer exist. Do you mind sending those docs via email? Thanks so much!

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