Making Tortillas

At our home we make whole wheat tortillas.  I usually double the recipe I use and freeze the tortillas after cooking. They thaw quickly, for easy snacks or dinner.

The recipe I use is from Bread Beckers.  I have also used recipes from Wrapping It Up by Vickilynn Haycraft.

First mix all the ingredients and let it sit for 10 minutes.

Cut/pull/tear/rip whatever, blobs of dough off, about 2 inches wide.


Shape by patting and place on a greased cookie sheet. You must have a cute little helper, or the tortillas just won’t come out right. Let the dough sit another 10 minutes. Make sure you cover them or they will dry out.  Meanwhile, heat up your tortilla press. 


Place a blob of dough towards the center back of the VillaWare Tortilla Press


and press down until you hear a squish sound. Don’t hold it down too long or the edges will be too thin and come out rather crispy.  That’s good for a cracker, but not a tortilla.


The blob should now be a nice round shaped tortilla. This one is a bit small, but cute. 😆 Cook on both sides for a minute, then transfer to a cooling rack. If you want to make them faster, press in the presser thing, then transfer to a griddle on the stove top to cook.


Once that is all done, you have to feed your helper.  It is especially good if the tortilla is made with chocolate.


I bought a tortilla bowl maker thing. All you have to do is place your flour tortilla, once pressed and cooked some, into the tortilla bowl maker thing. That’s a techinical term, in case you were wondering.


Bake for a few minutes in the oven and … WaaaLaaah. It’s a bowl.


It’s magic.

There are many other things you can do with a tortilla, but that is for another time and another post. 🙂

Oh by-the-way, the corn tortillas are made with popcorn kernals. You grind them in the mill to make a fine flour; also known as Masa harina. You can buy it in the grocery store, right next to the other bleached white dead flour. Did I say that?

Now go make your tortilla and fill it with taco meat and all the toppings that go with it.

8 responses to “Making Tortillas

  1. Thanks for the tutorial. I am off to go tortilla press shopping again. I am really thinking I want the one like you have.

    So if I want larger tortillas then I just need to make my balls bigger, right? Ok, that sounds a little funny.

    P.S. Can I borrow your cute little helper? My girls would love her. 🙂

    Um, yeah, make your balls bigger. LOL If my tortillas are coming out small, I just put two of the dough balls together and then press. This tortilla press makes large tortillas. I like it.

  2. How about you just make me some tortillas and send them to me. I don’t have a tortilla press, or a cute helper.

    You have that big strong handsome helper. 😀

  3. Thanks for the tutorial. I think we are going to be doing some cooking this afternoon, my cute little helpers will love it! I have a Villaware, but I think mine is smaller…and I have both the recipe books you referred to. But last time I made the tortilla’s I didn’t like them. I might make dead white flour tortilla’s first and if they turn out right make a batch of WW to try them again.

    My family likes their tortillas half alive (whole wheat) and half dead (unbleached white flour) :mrgreen:

  4. So your tortillas are undead? Cool! LOL

    I’ve been telling myself for years that storebought tortillas are just fine and dandy just to save The Man from buying me yet another kitchen appliance. I think I’ll leave this post up in my browser so he can see it – just as a hint. 😀

    Good idea. 🙂

    I like your watch!

    Thank you. A lady at our church makes/sells them. 🙂

  5. You’re such a fun Mom, I’m tellin’ ya. :mrgreen:

    We are going through thing in the girlies room today. Half of it I’m burning and half of it we are selling at a yard sale this weekend. 😀 Well, I did leave them a few things. 😆

    Have a wonderful Wednesday! Hugs, Robin

  6. hmmm….. i wonder if i can i just smash a ball bewteen a couple of greased plates to pretend like its a tortilla smasher.. 🙂

    It’s worth a try. LOL

  7. The ladies in Mexico (mission trip) made real and fresh tortillas for us and I couldn’t believe the difference!


    Too cool!


  8. Homemade tortillas are the best. I also make mine half ww and half white. I’ve been known to add some ground flax seen to the mixture to add some health and flavor. My friend who taught me to “roll” my tortillas (a good rolling pin is cheaper and easier to find) showed me that the reason my tortillas weren’t as flavorful as hers was because I wasn’t putting enough salt in my mixture.

    I don’t use the cute helper for a couple of reasons; 1) she isn’t interested in doing anything but tasting them and 2) there just isn’t enough room in my kitchen for another helper – the boy or hubby likes to flip them while I roll them.

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