This proves it…

I am a good wife.  Everyone should follow my instructions and they too can become Superior Housewives.



As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!


Updated:  It seems some of you are getting much higher numbers than I.  I am assuming you did not cheat on the test; although, I suspect one of you have. 

It has been said when a student surpasses the teacher, it is a sign of a great educator. Great Educator = me, the fabulous, the one and only Applie, the normal one.    So I am honored to have been your teacher.  You have done well my students.  Go forth and be good wives.

28 responses to “This proves it…

  1. I out June’d June???

    I got an 87.

  2. Woohee! That was a boost to my morning. I got a 107. 🙂

  3. I thought I was doing pretty good as I was taking the test but I only scored a 65…must have been the PJs.

    Yes, the PJs thing must have knocked off 30 points there. Were you wearing pink fuzzy slippers too?

  4. I got a 106. I suspect I didn’t get a 107 like our nutty friend because I am more than 15 pounds overweight. Sigh. I can’t help it. I like food.



  5. Applie, your crown is safe around me, I scored 51. =)

    I think it might be because you insist on driving your Mr. Goose, while the husband is a passenger. :mrgreen:

  6. Yes, that and a few other things. :mrgreen:

  7. I didn’t score as high as you did-guess I need more teaching from you. It was fun though-thanks for posting it.

  8. I got a 93. 😀

  9. I had a 97!

    I wonder what my HB would make?

  10. I got 102. I can’t believe it myself. I think it lied to me. lol.

  11. 87 for me, too. Did they actually downgrade for wearing an apron? And I thought I was being so ’30s!

    I don’t think they downgrade for the apron. Now PJs that is downgraded. 😀

  12. I don’t think they downgrade for the apron. Now PJs that is downgraded. 😀]]>

  13. A 94? How on earth did I score that high? 😯

  14. I will take the test at another time as I am very busy…well suppose to be anyway!! haha But I did read your “instructional” post and that was just hilarious !!!!

  15. I scored a 90! Thank you, that was fun.

  16. Applie, my slippers are gray and worn, I really need to get a new pair here soon.

    No pink bathrobe here either, I have 2 and one is dark blue fleece w/something on it – puppies I think – while the other is a Scottish plaid wool robe.

  17. Well, I’m either the most honest housewife ever or the most appalling housewife ever – I scored a 43. 😀

    After reading your post about yourself, I know which one it is. 😉

  18. After reading your post about yourself, I know which one it is. 😉 ]]>

  19. Yikes. I scored an 87. How did that happen? I am an even better wife than I thought. 😉 I should email this to the hubby so he knows how good he has it. 🙂 ( you think that would knock me down a few points?)

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