Crime Doesn’t Pay

It all started early in the summer, when our neighbors left on vacation.  The weather was hot, the kids were melting, and mom was cranky.  We got desperate.  We wanted to cool off.  We wanted to swim.  We wanted some excitment.      

Since the neighbors were not using their pool…

We placed a spotter on the lawn.  We do this kind of weird thing all the time; we’re homeschoolers.  Neighbor’s don’t suspect a thing.


It doesn’t take long until one of the neighbors leave their home.  The home with a nice cool sparkly pool in the back.


We get the signal that all is clear and we can move in.

all clear

Our spotter is always on the lookout and hurries us along. We don’t want to be spotted by other nosy neighbors.  They might want to call the police or worse…join in on the fun.

hurry up

At the destination, one of the criminals  children flings herself up and over the fence. We know there is a pool behind there and we must get to it.  It calls to us.


The gate is unlatched and we are free to go in.

let's go

The water is just fine. There are pool toys for us to enjoy.  What nice neighbors!  So kind of them to provide everything we need.

time for a swim

Ahhh this is the life! No one around to annoy us.  No one to catch us.


But wait, what is this…

Stick em up

After three months of swimming, we have been caught!  Someone squealed and it wasn’t the pig we are going to dissect!


Officer Friendly Meany, sneaked in before we could run away.    He made us get out of the pool, even though we were not finished  with swimming and having fun!

 Officer Friendly

He is taking us to the slammer, behind bars, to the big house. US! Can you believe it. We did nothing wrong. We are innocent. You know that right?     (This is not my husband and this is not my pool)

Things turned bad. Pea #2 wasn’t happy.  Maybe this life of crime isn’t working.  She’s thinking they don’t serve snacks in the slammer.


The violinist is contemplating her life of crime.  Is it worth it? Will she see her violin again?  Do they serve snacks in the slammer?


This was a hard time on all of us.

After several minutes in the police car, this little girl started begging .  (Bless her heart)    (This is not my child, she is a tag-along)

“Please DADDY!   Don’t take us to jail. They don’t serve snacks there! We’re sorry!  We might not do this again.  PLEEEEASE save me and my criminal friends!”


daddy's girl

Officer Friendly Meany, had pity on his daughter and heard her words.  He set all of us free with a warning and told us to get a snack.

run away

Next time I’ll post a guard at the gate.

18 responses to “Crime Doesn’t Pay

  1. Wow, I hope that you have learned your lesson and will turn from your life of crime. Or at least learn how to not get caught. When my youngest was brought back from his friend’s house after being caught “ding-dong-ditching” in the middle of the afternoon, his father’s words of wisdom were “You should not ding-dong-ditch other people’s houses….but if you do, at least do it at night when it will be harder to get caught.” Good parenting there.

    • Good advice from your husband. LOL

      My sister’s sons were shooting a BB gun at a neighbor’s mailbox. They got caught and she said, “What do you think you father will say!?” and the reply was, “He was with us, Mom.” ROTFL

  2. Avoid the houses with the police cars in the driveway:) LOL I bet the girls will never forget that. Real handcuffs? What a great post:)

  3. That looked like fun! 😀

    I use to sneak into our neighbors yard to borrow fruit from their trees…I only got caught once 😛 I love pears 😀

  4. Good thing I know what you all do. If you are ever in my neighborhood I’ll be sure to keep a guard on our pool. hehehe Looked like fun.

  5. Great photos!!! Will you turn away from your life of crime?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing!
    I really needed another good laugh today and this was it – the first one was watching on You Tube the Britian’s Got Talent contestants Stevros Flatly.

  7. This was hilarious. I am still laughing . . . I think I peed on myself (okay too much info).

    The funniest thing is that we were granted permission to swim, but we got kicked out! I have been contemplating taking a picture of us in our water troughs (our last result to this Texas heat) & sending him a picture – with the words: “We don’t need your pool!” LOL On the other hand, I’m thinking about just breaking in! Your post is encouraging 🙂

    BTW, My “Big Daddy” is also a police officer.

    • Sir Husband is not a police officer. 🙂 And that little girl is not one of my kids. LOL Can’t say anymore. LOL I think you should break in and have some fun.

  8. LOL!!!!!! 🙂 That was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was laughing soo hard!!!!!!!! 🙂

  9. LOL! You homeschoolers – always thinking the rules don’t apply to you. 😉

  10. Can’t think of anything that hasnt already been said. If you want some real heat come to the Pacific NW. I even have a pool you can break into….

  11. Well, when it gets that hot…what ya gonna do?? :p

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