A Like Minded Friend

Two weeks ago, I grab my knitting bag and ran out the door to take my children the the weekly library event.  While they are being occupied, I get to knit in peace.

I have never seen anyone else knit or crochet in the library.  There is one group that meets monthly to crochet lap blankets for the needy, but they are always in a meeting room and usually when I am not there.  So, imagine my surprise when I walk in the door and at the very first table is a woman knitting!

After a few minutes, I walk up to her and say, “May I join you?”  And she said yes.  I get out my knitting and then I stop.  I noticed her bag.  It was an awesome bag.  It was a Tom Bihn bag.  I have seen the brand on-line, but dismissed it.  Then I started asking questions and she was kind enough to answer.

We exchanged Ravelry names and went home.

I searched the world over and found the Tom Bihn website and drooled.  Yes, my keyboard was wet, what of it?  After eyeballing all the knitting bags and accessories, I had even more questions.  So, my friend and I decided to meet again.  This time she would bring almost everything she owns in Tom Bihn.

We met today, at the library.  Let me introduce my new friend.  This is Jennifer of A Knitterary Life.  She is a Christian, knitter, mom of three, homeschooler, designer, spinner, writer, and all around very nice person.  Go over there and say howdy to her and tell her I sent you.


The bag above left is called a Swift.  Because of her, I ordered one like it and it will be here on Monday.  I will post then the reason why I bought it.  The little bags in the front are yarn sacks.  They come in three sizes and have a yarn guide for your projects.  The little bowl on the right is a Travel Tray.  Very handy for a catch all.  The bag in the back is a Imago.  Jennifer has lots of accessories on the inside.


Cute Yarn Sacks in three sizes.  I liked the middle size the best.


Above is the inside of the Swift .  It comes in a variety of colors. Looking forward to seeing the UPS man arrive at my house on Monday!

Below is the mess I made of her possessions.  LOL  She was very gracious and let me open everything to have a look.


I was so thankful she was willing to bring all her Tom Bihn bags/accessories in for me to look through.  It answered a lot of questions.   Thank you Jennifer!

Don’t forget to go to her blog and say HI!  Just promise me you will not compare her writing to mine.  I fall so very short.  *sigh*

Oh, Melanie and Deb, there is a good chance I won’t pester you with knitting questions anymore.  I won’t guarantee it, but there is a slight chance now since I have found a friend who actually teaches knitting.  I have her business card too.

5 responses to “A Like Minded Friend

  1. Not Inadequate

    I am so happy for you! A real life friend! I thought they were just legends, like the Loch Ness Monster. But sometimes they exist!

    I don’t mind being pestered with questions. I like bossing people, so it works out fine.

  2. Not Inadequate

    She’s a homeschooler! She’s a knitter! She’s a Christian! Could that GET any better? I think not.

    (although I see she is a spinner. you have to watch out for them. they like to convert people.)

  3. Wow! I’m jealous! Enjoy this wonderful connection!
    (I love your writing – it’s real, and conversational!)

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